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You need a trusted Microsoft Partner who can deliver real apps, real fast! Paragon9 is ready, willing, and able to usher you into the future of app development!

Do you want higher quality apps delivered faster?

Get custom software, w/ built-in testing, delivered up to 50% faster than traditional software projects.

Do you need to connect your legacy apps with new technology?

You can keep your existing database, just extend with new presentation layer as a win, web or mobile app.

Are you not interested in maintaining your own software?

Get custom software & code that you don’t have to maintain.

We Specialize in App Modernization

We specialize in app modernization through integration, orchestration, & automation using web & mobile technologies on Azure's Cloud Platform as a Service [PaaS].

In other words, we help make your legacy business apps more awesome by adding a lot more awesome to them! Remember Voltron? Yeah, it's kind of like that.

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Working with Paragon9 is... Different

We develop apps a bit differently than traditional app developers. As a client, you can engage with us on a project basis or you can subscribe to our service and get access to our entire team.

When you subscribe, you set the goals and objectives for our team every week. You tell us what you need, we help you get it done. It’s that simple. And why shouldn’t it be?

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