Managed DevOps
It’s kind of like leasing for custom app development

Our Managed DevOps model is a bit different than other app development models. You subscribe to our service and get access to our whole team. You set the goals and objectives for our team. You tell us what you need, we get it done — It’s that simple! And why not, right?

Custom Software & Code that You Don’t Have to Maintain — We Do It for You

Now you can focus on your core business and we'll focus on the code.

Modernize Your Apps & Your Costs by Keeping Them Manageable & Predictable

Fixed projects can create overhead and waste that slow you down. Managed DevOps allows us to develop, test, monitor, and learn from a hypothesis and quickly iterate our way to success

Let Us Manage the Code

Let Paragon9 manage your custom software development projects and modernize your costs with Managed DevOps.

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End-to-End DevOps

1) Plan + Track

Every project starts with an idea - and a plan how to turn this idea into reality. Work needs to be managed and progress should be tracked continuously.

2) Develop + Test

Once a sprint starts, developers turn great ideas into reality by writing code and building functionality. Unit tests are created and run to ensure that quality bars are met.

3) Deploy + Release

When the build passes, the app package is deployed and automated UI and user beta testing commences to prepare for app production.

4) Monitor + Learn

Having monitoring infrastructure in place enables you to learn and understand how users use your app, how it reacts and fix issues and bugs faster.

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