Application Modernization
Reach more customers. Increase margins. Reduce operational costs.

Enable more business innovation by modernizing your legacy apps to connect with modern applications and mobile devices and reach more customers, increase margins, and reduce operational costs.

Connect Your Legacy Apps with New Technology in Flexible Ways to proactively support new opportunities

Modernize your legacy apps and platform so they can connect and interoperate with modern apps and mobile devices.

Keep Your Existing Database, Build New Presentation Layer as a Web App or Mobile App

Infuse your data into your apps & business so that it just works & doesn't pile up.

Move from Infrastructure to Innovation with Microsoft Azure

Shift your web apps and databases to Azure's Platform as a Service [PaaS] and let's create innovative apps with freedom and flexibility while having someone else look after the platform.

High Quality Apps Delivered Faster than Traditional Software Projects

Custom software, w/ built-in testing, delivered up to 50% faster than traditional software projects.

Let's Cut to the Code

Let Paragon9 help usher your legacy line of business apps into the future of cloud solutions with Azure PaaS.

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What's Involved?

User Interviews

How do your users use your app today?

App Development

Development of the app modernization solution.

Data Migration

Migration plan to new services without data loss.

Data Validation Testing

No data loss between production & new staged app.

Application Cut-Over

Communicate plan of switch to new app.


Train your users on the new app.

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