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Monitoring & billing management so you don't have to

With our expertise and cloud services from Microsoft, you can quickly and affordably meet your business goals, whether it’s adapting to a changing competitor landscape, achieving business growth, protecting customer data, or reaching new clients. Let Paragon9 and Microsoft cloud services put you on the fast track to the modern business.

Cloud Monitoring

You simply do not have the time, resources, or dedicated staff required to monitor every aspect of IT. So how do you monitor the health and performance of your IT infrastructure? Paragon9 can help provide additional, deeper monitoring, triage the false positives from the real alerts, and proactively act upon alerts before any measurable loss in performance.

Types of Cloud Monitoring

System Health Monitoring

Monitoring of VMs, CPU utilization, memory usage, storage IOPs, and OS performance. Includes monitoring of application performance and operation health, and dashboards and reports on system health.

Database Monitoring

A view into your customer’s database that helps MSPs ensure high availability of database servers. The process involves keeping logs of size, connection time and users of databases, analyzing use trends, and leveraging data to proactively remediate issues.

Log Analytics / Alerting

Every device and user accessing your network produces data that is logged. Analyzing those logs can offer deep insight into performance, security, resource consumption, and a number of other meaningful metrics. Powerful log management tools collect, correlate, and visualize all the machine data from multiple systems in one place.

Application Performance Monitoring

End-to-end tracking of all aspects of an application (or webpage). App monitoring involves watching every part—from shopping carts to registration pages— of your app(s) for performance issues in an effort to provide the best end-user experience possible.

Cost Optimization

Ease your fears of runaway spending. Paragon9 can help you manage your cloud spend. By performing deductive and predictive analytics on past and expected cloud spend. We can help you make sense of your Azure bill and help attribute your spend to different projects, departments, teams, applications and/or cost centers.

Optimization Process

Usage Visibility

Get granular visibility into usage by department, project, region, workload, app or users allows you to attribute chargeback and prioritize IT spending. We can help you achieve complete financial transparency into your cloud spend.

Cost Control

Through visibility, Paragon9 can help you implement effective IT cost optimization and free resources for increased innovation and creativity.


We can set you up to effectively forecast both resource demands and costs to accurately forecast your cloud spend.

Billing Management

Get a simplified view into cloud your costs and remove the complexity of analyzing, budgeting, tracking, forecasting, and invoicing public cloud costs.

Resource Utilization

Paragon9 can help with your utilization of resources by identifying consolidation possibilities, making sure that resources are properly provisioned, “rightsized”, and utilized.

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