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When you partner with Paragon9 as your custom solutions provider, we assemble a team based on your project requirements to provide a solution that will fit your needs.

Our Mission & Core Values

The entirety of our mission can be defined in these nine tenets. By incorporating these standards, we believe we are able to deliver the level of work our name represents. These values are our first concern:

Quality - Our solutions are developed with high quality code, are de-coupled, modular, and scalable. This allows for apps to be easily modified so that the solution can grow and change as your business needs do.
Applicability - We aim to deliver custom solutions that are focused on solving specific business challenges and needs.
Accountability - We stand by our solutions and will offer support services for the management of their lifecycle.
Efficiency - We create new software solutions that simplify and streamline business processes.
Knowledge - By combining our technical expertise with the business experience of our clients, we deliver real solutions that are specific to that business and industry.
Communication - Through extensive consultation with our clients, we are able to create the solution they need rather than the solution we think they need.
Leadership - We develop software solutions that streamline the business operations of our clients to enable them to become industry leaders.
Precision - Our solutions are developed while paying particular attention to the details so we can deliver accurate and effective solutions.
Reliability - We strive to earn your trust as an organization through the delivery of superior solutions that just simply work.

What Does Paragon9 Mean?

People often ask us what our company name stands for and how it came about. We feel that our company name is more than just a name – it’s a representation of who we are as an organization. With that in mind, we sought to find a name with deeper meaning and some history behind it to convey how we want to be seen in the marketplace. We think it is pretty interesting and we hope you will too.

Random House Webster's College Dictionary

par∙a∙gon [par’a gon’, -gən]
1. a model or pattern of excellence.
2. to compare; parallel.
3. to match; rival.
4. Obs. to surpass.

[1540–50; < Middle French < early Italian paragone comparison, touchstone < Medieval Greek parakónē whetstone, derivative of Greek parakonân to sharpen, whet = par- par- + akonân to sharpen, derivative of akónē whetstone]

The Symbolism of 9

Of all the single digit numbers, nine (9) may be the most profound. Nine represents perfection, balance, order. In numerological terms, it is considered the most complete of all numbers – the beginning and end of all cycles.

Some of the positive characteristics associated with the number nine (9) are fulfillment, completion, universal understanding, interrelatedness, idealism, tolerance, generosity, humanitarianism, and justice. Nine is also associated with accomplished artists and thinkers who are inspired by universal truths.

In the base 10 system, where all numbers are represented by ten distinct forms (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), nine is the final number. As such, it becomes a limit, a bound, or the ultimate attainment. Expressions such as “a cat has nine lives”, “the whole nine yards”, and “cloud nine” are all variations of the concept of the ninth level being the nth degree, the highest level, or the maximum possibility.

The number nine is a fascinating and powerful number symbolizing a host of characteristics we hope to embody in our work.

Tools & Technologies

Some of the tools & technologies we utilize:

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