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Web App Development
Web apps - all you need is a browser and internet connection

A custom web application can be developed to establish more features and capabilities to run your business - allowing you to conduct business on a global level and create new revenue streams. Working together, we can develop a custom web application that's right for you.

Enterprise Web Apps

You can develop something new, enhance your existing application architecture, or re-architect your application to achieve new capabilities and reach across your business.

  • Portals or dashboards for real-time business intelligence.
  • Modern single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication with access to legacy systems.
  • Internal apps needing to be optimized for cost or burst for scale (Benefit Enrollment, Performance Review).
  • Intranet app availability beyond the firewall.

Microservice Apps

Build custom microservice-based apps and services for 24x7 availability, self-healing reliability, high throughput data access and storage and the ability to grow in the cloud to hyper scale proportions.

  • Internet of Things for Connected Devices.
  • Multi-tenanted apps that autoscale.
  • Always-on back end services.

Customer Facing Websites

Leverage template driven development using Azure App Services for web presence, digital marketing campaigns, product sites, ecommerce sites, and events.

  • Personalize the experience for each user.
  • Analyze your users and provide real-time insights.
  • Quickly launch and update your digital marketing experience.
  • Global availability to improve customer engagement.

Let's Take to the Web

Let Paragon9 help usher your apps & business into the future of the web with Azure PaaS.

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Types of Web Solutions


  • Internal corporate sites
  • Self-service portals
  • Line of Business applications
  • Intranet apps


  • Software as a Service [SaaS] apps
  • Authentication services
  • Multi-tenanted apps
  • Microservice based apps

Customer Facing

  • Product sites
  • Corporate presence
  • E-Commerce
  • Event sites
  • Digital marketing sites

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