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Mobility & Security
Secure company data when and where you need

The cloud-first, mobile-first world is here. People expect to have the ability to work where, when, and how they choose — using the devices they love and the apps they are familiar with. Enhance your Office 365 experience with a secure and integrated solution which addresses your need to keep company data secure and your employees productive, wherever they choose to work.

A People-Centric Approach to Enterprise Mobility

Microsoft’s people-centric solution consists of products and technologies that can help IT departments handle the influx of consumer-oriented technology and the work style expectations of users, thereby helping increase productivity and satisfaction for the people within their organizations.

Protected Data on Mobile Devices without Being Bogged Down

Protecting email and other corporate data on mobile deviceswithout bogging down workers — is one of today’s biggest IT challenges. Other vendors solve it with apps that compromise user experience and put the brakes on productivity. Microsoft enterprise mobility solutions integrate deeply with Microsoft Office, the gold standard of productivity. We’re the only solution that brings managed mobile productivity with Microsoft Office across devices.

Architecture Matters with Your Mobility Solution

That’s why Microsoft's enterprise mobility management solutions are designed to run in the cloud and work seamlessly with your existing on-premises infrastructure. Our cloud-first approach to managing a mobile enterprise is the fastest, most cost effective way to meet new business challenges and accommodate new devices, new apps, and new hires — without worrying about scale, maintenance or updates.

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Enterprise Mobility Suite

EMS is composed of three products: Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium, and Microsoft Azure Rights Management. It's the only enterprise mobility solution designed to help manage and protect users, devices, apps (PC or mobile), and data.

Unify Identity

Azure Active Directory Premium

Easily manage identities across on-premises and cloud. Single sign-on and self-service for corporate resources.

Manage Apps & Devices

Microsoft Intune

Manage and protect corporate apps and data on almost any device with MDM and MAM.

Protect Data

Azure Rights Management

Encryption, identity, and authorization policies to secure corporate files and email across phones, tablets, and PCs.

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