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App Lifecycle Management

DevOps / App Lifecycle Management
Continuously integrate & deliver innovation

DevOps is the union of people, process, and products that supports the continuous delivery of value to end users. Deliver winning applications using a comprehensive set of best-in-class tools and technologies that align development and operations teams, working on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.


People/culture is about bringing people together in a collaborative fashion that enables multi-discipline teams to work together more easily, share common goals, and focus on identifying new areas for improvement.


Process is about finding ways to increase efficiency, streamline feedback and eliminate waste. All processes should be focused on delivering business value faster — focusing on the flow of value through the system.


Tools support processes and help people collaboratedelivering software faster, facilitate feedback and experimentation.

Embrace DevOps & Innovate at Scale

To embrace DevOps and innovate at scale, there are four challenges that need solving:

1. From day one you need the ability to maintain your service reliability, scale to meet customer demand, maintain your security posture, and provide feedback to continuously improve your service stack.

2. How do you give developers the best tools and re-usable building blocks to accelerate ideation to realization?

3. Developers need to collaborate, both internally and externally, with partners and open source projects they are involved with.

4. With more collaboration on the same code, you need to ensure that it can be built, passes required tests, is secure, and can be deployed at any time. Also, new features need to be aligned with business objectives and tracked.

The Shift to DevOps

Old World

  • Focus on planning
  • Compete, not collaborate
  • Static hierarchies
  • Individual productivity
  • Efficiency of process
  • Assumptions, not data

New World

  • Focus on delivering
  • Collaborate to succeed
  • Fluent and flexible teams
  • Collective value creation
  • Effectiveness of outcomes
  • Experiment, learn, and respond

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The DevOps Journey Defined


The flow of value as code moves through the system from developer environment to production, and the rate at which business value is delivered in the form of software.


How an organization defines and manages requirements and how effective they are.

Agile Schedule & Teams

Behaviors and characteristics that reflect team organization and work schedule.


Characteristics and behaviors that demonstrate how an organization uses data in decision making, including code analysis, test results and real-world usage metrics.

Technical Debt

Behaviors and characteristics that define how an organization thinks about the decisions they make that incur technical debt as well as how they discover and manage technical debt that is accrued throughout the application lifecycle.


Refers to how an organization manages software in its production environment, including how it detects and responds to unexpected events.

Cloud Infrastructure

Refers to the behaviors and characteristics of how the organization approaches and manages the core infrastructure that their systems and apps run on.

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