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Azure Cloud Platform
An agile platform fit for your business needs

You want to focus on running your business, not your infrastructure and the bottom line. With Azure, you can build, test, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud without worrying about the cost of purchasing new server hardware. You can easily scale up or down as needed and gain peace of mind knowing you have the added protection of multiple data backups in Microsoft-managed datacenters.

Make Technology a Business Advantage Microsoft Azure helps customers make technology a business advantage by:

  • Getting the most out of your IT investment.
  • Being prepared for the unexpected.
  • Getting scalable storage without spending a fortune.
  • Enabling remote access while protecting business data.

Don’t Let Your Business Miss a Beat Many businesses lose critical data because they don’t have a data backup solution.

Azure offers simple, reliable backup for your data and applications that’s affordable because you pay only for the storage you use. There are no typical infrastructure costs or per-server or data transfer fees. Plus your applications receive the same level of protection that Microsoft enterprise customers, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, receive.

Only Pay for What You Use By turning to Microsoft Azure and the cloud, you can keep your competitive edge without expanding your budget.

Azure helps you bring products and services to market quickly. You can instantly scale globally, with everything needed to support worldwide business growth. You can run your operations more cost-effectively, paying only for what you use as opposed to paying for what you don’t.

What Exactly is Microsoft Azure? Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, App Service - A Full Catalog of Solutions.

Virtual Machines

VMs are basic cloud building blocks. Get full control over a virtual machine with virtual hard disks. Install and run software yourself. Configure multiple machines with different roles to create complex solutions. VMs are nearly identical to conventional (real) servers, and are the easiest way to move existing workloads to the cloud.

Cloud Services

Easily access and manage these general-purpose VMs. Microsoft maintains and updates each VM as needed with system updates. You configure the VM size as needed, and scale out as many copies as needed. Two types of VMs: worker roles and web roles—worker roles are made for computing and running services. The web role is simply a worker role with IIS already installed and configured.

App Service

Azure App Service is a high productivity solution for developers who need to create enterprise-grade web and mobile app experiences. App Service provides a complete platform as a service solution that enables you to deploy and elastically scale applications in the cloud, and seamlessly integrate them with on-premises resources and SaaS based applications.

A Full Catalog of Solutions It’s everything you need in a complete solution

it's a flexible, open, and secure public cloud built for business.

Digital marketing

Connect with customers worldwide with digital campaigns that are personalized and scalable.

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Reach your customers everywhere, on every device, with a single mobile app build.

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Give customers what they want with a personalized, scalable, and secure shopping experience.

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Internet of Things

Create the Internet of Your Things by connecting your devices, assets, and sensors to collect untapped data.

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Microservice applications

Deliver scalable, reliable applications faster to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers.

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Business intelligence

Drive better, faster decision making by analyzing your data for deeper insights.

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Big data and analytics

Make the most informed decision possible by analyzing all of the data you need in real time.

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Data warehouse

Handle exponential data growth without leaving security, scalability, or analytics behind.

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Business SaaS apps

Use business insights and intelligence from Azure to build software as a service (SaaS) apps.

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Backup and archive

Protect your data and applications no matter where they reside to avoid costly business interruptions.

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Development and test

Simplify and speed up the process of building and testing applications across every platform.

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Disaster recovery

Protect all your major IT systems while ensuring apps work when you need them most.

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Hybrid integration

Seamlessly integrate applications, data, and processes across both on-premises and cloud.

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SAP on Azure

Bring cloud scale and agility to your mission-critical SAP workloads.

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SharePoint on Azure

Deploy SharePoint servers rapidly and scale as needed with a cost-effective infrastructure.

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Dynamics on Azure

Fuel business growth by bringing together enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud services.

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High performance computing

Tap into unlimited resources to scale your high performance computing (HPC) jobs.

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Digital media

Deliver high-quality videos to your customers anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Build, quickly launch, and reliably scale your games across platforms, and refine based on analytics.

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Create a rapid, low-cost, and fail-fast platform to experiment with new business processes.

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Why Microsoft Azure? Microsoft offers compelling competitive differentiation to customers:

  • Single vendor across clouds – private, public and hoster.
  • Single point of support for infrastructure, OS, services, and applications.
  • Tenured experience and enterprise credibility.
  • Single vendor for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
  • SharePoint, SQL Server, and Windows Server run best on Microsoft Azure.

How Can Paragon9 Help? You want an up-to-date cloud solution without more administrative cost and burden.

With our deep expertise in Microsoft Azure, you can keep projects running smoothly and get more value from your IT investments. Request a consult or call today to talk with a specialist and we can immediately begin to help you:

  • Cut the cost and complexity of Azure administration.
  • Deploy new features and technologies easily and affordably.
  • Keep systems healthy with advanced monitoring, proactive updating and patching.
  • Get the most out of your existing technology with new mobility and online capabilities.
  • Respond to business needs faster.

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