Express Websites
Simple websites that do stuff and are delivered fast

Our Express Websites are designed to help business owners with the struggles of purchasing, owning, managing, and maintaining a website for their business.

  • We provide flexible payments options to make it affordable.
  • We set up your domain name registration and hosting account so you can focus on your business.
  • We transfer source code ownership to you so that you remain in control or your website.1

What We Deliver We understand a website should complement your business in areas of consumer reach, brand representation and marketing.

Our Express Websites are constructed using common page components that we customize to fit your specific needs. By starting here, we are able to provide custom solutions at a fraction of the cost. We leverage our deep understanding of web architecture to create stunning interactive Express Websites that are secure and effectively communicate branding and messaging while engaging your target audience.

Why Paragon9? Our Express Websites are not templated solutions;

we build custom websites utilizing the .Net Framework and Web 2.0 technologies. Our Express Websites are extensible, which means they are designed to grow with your business. And best of all, you actually own your website.1 View our Project Gallery to see what we’ve done for our clients. The next step is yours, call us today and let Paragon9 customize a solution to fit your needs.

Prices Starting at $1500 Our Express Websites provide affordable and professional website solutions

Our Express Websites provide affordable and professional website solutions with optional add on components so that you can pick and choose to suit your business needs.

Basic Package

Domain Name & Hosting Setup,
Custom Design, and Content Management $1,500

We set you up with a unique Domain Name for your business.2 Then, one of our designers will consult with you on your custom website design. Once you approve of the final design3, we will create your website and help you secure a hosting account to publish it on the world wide web. Register your domain name now to get started.

Add Ons

Homepage Design $595

Make your homepage stand out. Many times, your homepage is the most visited landing page you have. In many ways, your homepage is the first impression you have with your visitors - let Paragon9 help you make it count.

Content Creation $395

Creating the right content for your website can be difficult. First, you need to talk directly to your target audience and then, at the same time, structure the content in a way the search engines can read and understand so that you can easily be found. To top it off, you have to keep updating your content to keep it dynamic and engaging. Paragon9 can help ease your burden with all of that.

Contact Us Page Design $295

Make it easy for visitors to get in contact with you. The easier it is for visitors to leave feedback, send suggestions, or ask questions the more likely they are to actually do it. You choose which fields of information are important to collect for your business and we'll have them sent directly to your specified email address(es).

Form Controls Design $495

Add that extra touch of customization and extend your brand identity into the actual button and input controls that appear throughout your website. Let us help you show your visitors that you are in control of every aspect of your design.

Graphic Design $495

With so much of the web being visual, add custom graphics to accurately depict your products / services. Our designers will work with you to create visually stunning graphics that represent your business so visitors can instantly see what it is that you do.

Bing or Google Maps $95

Don't just let visitors know your address, make it interactive and allow them to instantly get directions. Visitors can easily see your rating and other customer reviews from the local directory of these mapping services as well.

Slideshow $595

Have some images showcasing your work, your featured products / services, or maybe some specials that you are running? Let us help you display them in a slideshow utilizing rich client-side animation features of jQuery. Visitors will be able to browse through the slideshow manually or allow it to play through automatically.

Photo Gallery $795

Do you have a portfolio of photos you would like to arrange and display in galleries? We can create a rich photo gallery utilizing the client-side animation features of jQuery. Visitors will be able to browse individual galleries and manually browse through each of the gallery's photos, or set them to be rotated automatically.

Mobile Website $595

Many people are now using their mobile devices to browse the internet. However, the mobile browsing experience is quite different from the traditional desktop experience. We can tailor your website to the mobile experience without jeopardizing your desktop experience, all while maintaining brand consistency.

404 Error Page $195

Visitors can sometimes find themselves arriving at urls on your site that don't actually exist. A Custom 404 Error Page will allow you to capture those instances and maintain a consistent look and feel. Custom error pages can allow you to place suggested links to help the visitor get to where they need to go - this can help you retain visitors that you may have otherwise lost.

Facebook Cover Photo Design $195

Social media provides a new way for businesses to connect with their customers. With Facebook Pages now being displayed in a timeline view, businesses have the ability to add a Cover Photo to their page. We can help you design a Cover Photo that accurately delivers the message you want while adhering to Facebook's guidelines.

Twitter Page Design $195

Establish brand consistency with your Twitter presence. Twitter has become one of the most popular services businesses are using to engage with consumers. Our designers can create a background image for your Twitter account that is consistent with your website, adding that extra layer of professionalism and branding recognition.

Landing Page $195

Want to focus on promoting a core set of your products / services? Have a new product / service you are trying to market? Let our designers help you create a custom landing page that speaks directly to your marketing message.

Blog Design $495

Give your blog a consistent look and feel to that of your website. With blogs being creatively used as a way to add dynamic content to websites, it only makes sense to make it look as if it were a part of your original design.

  • 1 Source code ownership wil be transfered once all payment obligations have been met.
  • 2 If you already have a domain name secured for your business, we can have it transfered to make Paragon9 the registrar.
  • 3 Additional fees may apply if the number of design revisions exceeds three.

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