Office 365

Microsoft Office 365
Your complete office hosted in the cloud

Office 365 is a cloud subscription that provides virtually anywhere access to your familiar Office applications plus business-grade email, calendar, and video conferencing across your devices – from PCs to smartphones to tablets.

Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for Small and Midsize Businesses

Anytime, Anywhere Access.
Professional Face for Your Business.
Easily Communicate and Collaborate Inside and Outside Your Organization.
Simple to Learn, Straightforward to Use.
Email, Collaboration, and Online Meeting Solutions.
Safety and Security.
Seamless Coordination with the Tools You Already Know.
No Requirement for Advanced IT Knowledge.
99.9-Percent Availability, Money-Back Guarantee.
Flexibility for Your Business.

Devices Office 365 works great across all your devices.

With its modernized, clean, and fluid user interface, it works great with touch, mouse and keyboard, or pen. Consistent formatting across your PC, Mac, phone, browser and use Office Web Apps as online companion for light editing in any browser (Internet Explorer®, Chrome, Safari or Firefox)

Cloud When away from your computer, you can stream a full-featured version of Office on any internet-connected PC with Office on Demand.

Your documents are saved to the cloud by default so you can share and collaborate just by sending a link. Microsoft Office is the world's leading productivity application, giving you anywhere access from virtually any device.

Social Stay connected to all of your contacts.

You can quickly schedule a meeting, send an email, start an IM or voice and video chat- or host a multiparty HD video conference in a few clicks. Powered by Microsoft Exchange Online, you can access your emails, shared calendars and contacts from your PC, Mac, phone and browser with latest virus and spam protection.

Simplified IT Office 365 has solutions optimized for size and IT needs.

The common set of IT management tools in Office 365 will simplify management across your on-premises and cloud environments. And with the power of Microsoft SharePoint Online, you can easily share documents and information with colleagues and customers.

Here’s why you should consider upgrading: Does your company face any of the following scenarios?

  • Using an older server and worried about its security and maintenance costs?
  • Growing in size and looking for technology to help meet your businesses mobility and collaboration needs?
  • Having trouble managing a number of disconnected web-based email or software?
  • Using outdated versions of Office, such as Office 2003, and experiencing compatibility issues or concerns with end of support?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the new Office can bring you great business value and enhanced productivity!Contact us to learn more about how to experience the new Office today.

How Can Paragon9 Help? You want an up-to-date collaboration platform without more administrative cost and burden.

With our deep expertise in Microsoft Office 365, you can keep projects running smoothly and get more value from your IT investments. Request a consult or call today to talk with a specialist and we can immediately begin to help you:

  • Cut the cost and complexity of Office 365 administration.
  • Deploy new features and technologies easily and affordably.
  • Get the most out of your existing technology with new mobility and online capabilities.
  • Respond to business needs faster.

Meet the new Office Office 365 is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft.

It brings together the familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications with cloud-based business email, shared calendars, instant messaging (IM), video conferencing and file sharing. It's designed to work with the Office you already know so you can get things done faster from virtually anywhere. It provides enterprise-grade tools for a predictable monthly cost and no upfront infrastructure investments, backed by robust security and a 99.9% financially backed uptime guarantee. It's the easiest way to work together.


Do more with your docs: Pop in an online video, open a PDF and edit the content, align pictures and diagrams with minimal fuss. The new Read Mode is clean and distraction-free—and it works great on tablets. Teaming-up is better too, with direct connections to your online spaces and streamlined review features like Simple Markup and comments.


The first thing you’ll see when you open Excel is a brand new look. It’s cleaner, but it’s also designed to help you get professional-looking results quickly. You’ll find many new features that let you get away from walls of numbers and draw more persuasive pictures of your data, guiding you to better, more informed decisions.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 has a brand-new look: It’s cleaner and primed for use on tablets and phones, so you can swipe and tap your way through presentations. Presenter View automatically adapts to your projection set-up, and you can even use it on a single monitor. Themes now come with variations, which make it simpler to hone in on the look you want. And when you’re working with others, you can add comments to ask questions and get feedback.


OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing, storing, and sharing all kinds of information. The first thing you’ll see when you open OneNote 2016 is a fresh, clean look that lets you focus on your thoughts and ideas instead of the interface. Full integration with the cloud means you can free your files from your computer’s hard drive so your notes and information are saved and searchable wherever you go — on nearly any mobile device, tablet, or browser.


The first thing you’ll see when you open Outlook is a brand new look. It’s cleaner, but it’s also designed to help you focus on what’s important with a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts.


What’s new in Access 2016? In a word, apps. An Access web app is a new type of database that you build in Access, then use and share with others as a SharePoint app in a web browser. To build an app, you just select the type of data you want to track (contacts, tasks, projects, and so on). Access creates the database structure, complete with views that let you add and edit data. Navigation and basic commands are built-in, so you can start using your app right away.


Microsoft Publisher 2016 offers new ways to work with your pictures, so you can move them around, swap them, and add visual pop to your publications with new picture and text effects.


SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Flexible management options ensure that you still retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organization. You can purchase SharePoint in the cloud as a standalone offering or as part of an Office 365 suite where you could also get access to Exchange, Lync, the Office clients and web apps.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. It connects people everywhere, on Windows 10 and other operating systems including mobile devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. Skype for Business provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience. Users can connect to anyone on Skype, enabling rich communication with hundreds of millions of people around the world.


Microsoft Visio 2016 is designed for individuals who are looking for a powerful diagramming platform with a rich set of built-in stencils. It helps users to simplify complex information through simple, easy-to-understand diagrams. Visio Standard includes stencils for business, basic network diagrams, organization charts, basic flowcharts, and general multi-purpose diagrams.

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