Photo Editing
Photos the way YOU see them

With photo editing, we bring the art work that transforms an image to convey what you want to see, rather than what the original image may have shown. Our experience includes working with digital and traditional photos as well as illustrations.

What We Deliver Our graphic designers will transform your photos into professional eye-popping images.

Here are just some of the photo editing and photo manipulation techniques we specialize in.

  • Red eye and color corrections, photo retouching and photo sharpening.
  • Repair photo scratches, tears and blemish spots on old photos.
  • Remove elements that draw focus away from the subject.
  • Edit underexposed / overexposed images to get the contrast and color just right.
  • Remove unwanted objects or people from your images, but only if you tell us to.

Why Paragon9? We approach each project individually;

We look at the complexity of the work involved and how long it will take to complete each piece. We continually research developing concepts to stay abreast of the newest technologies being used to edit and manipulate photos.

Prices Starting at $45 per Image Prices Starting at $45 per Image.

Some are more challenging than others and therefore will require more time to complete. Give us a call or request a consult so we can discuss your needs further.

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