Project Details

SecureClose Project Details
Multi-platform solution built on the .Net platform

SecureClose is a comprehensive disclosure and compliance solution for the auto dealership that utilizes the latest audio/video and e-sign technology to protect your business.

Command Center Screenshots

Dealer Portal

The Dealer Portal allows individual dealers to manage all their deals, contracts, and closures performed with the SecureClose system.

  • Queue Up Presentations to Close the Deal.
  • Generation of Shared Access Signatures (SAS) for Secure Assets in Azure Storage.
  • Video Recording Playback.
Command Center Screenshots


The Kiosk allows for the secure closing of deals between dealers and their customers.

  • Video Recording and Encoding.
  • Screen Recording.
  • e-Sign Deals, Contracts and Closures.
Command Center Screenshots

Command Center

The command center allows SecureClose to keep track of all deals, contracts, and closures across all dealers.

  • Manage Presentation Slides.
  • Presentation Versioning.
  • Manage Video Recordings.
Website Screenshots


A website was created to showcase the product and its features.

  • Responsive Design.
  • Demo Request Form.
  • Blog.

Application Integration, Azure Cloud Platform, Express Business Apps, Graphic Design, Software Development, Web App Development

Azure Blob Storage, Azure Cloud Services, Azure Websites, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008

We engaged Paragon9 to assist in the design of our custom compliance application, SecureClose, and provide programming services from concept to the prototype stage. The application was targeted for multiple platforms and markets. The project involved numerous intricate details including audio and video features that offered significant integration challenges. Paragon9's commitment was critical to our success during development stage. We were very happy with their dedication to the project and would use them again.

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