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Website designs that are custom, not templated

We provide custom web design services to help businesses and individuals all over the world establish and maintain a professional website presence. We focus on establishing an online presence for your business by creating a custom web design that will portray how you want to be seen in the market place. Our designers will work with you, using creative concepts, innovative designs and state of the art technologies to deliver an enhanced viewing experience to your website presence.

What We Deliver Utilizing the latest web 2.0 technologies

we create stunning web designs that invite your potential customers to learn more about who you are and the products and services you offer. We don't just deliver stunning designs, but also a solid code base that you can depend on and that is search engine friendly.

HTML5 allows for offline caching and for multimedia and graphical content to be integrated into the web without using third party plugins such as Adobe® Flash®.

CSS3 allows for more to be accomplished with less code. Many new features of CSS3 help satisfy high media demands as well as provide a solid separation between code and design.

jQuery helps give visitors a rich user experience by providing smooth transitions and animations on the client-side.

AJAX allows for dynamic page updates which help limit, or even eliminate, full post-backs to the server (that flickering and loading that occurs every time you click a button or link on a traditional website).

Modernizr allows for the utilization of all the latest web 2.0 technologies while still being able to more easily scale down and support older browsers.

Domain Name Registration You have to start somewhere. Securing your domain name before someone else does is a great place to start.

Register your domain name now with Paragon9, we offer a wide range of options to fit your business needs.

You can choose a Private Registration to shield your personal information from public view. You can also choose a Business Registration that will list vital information about your business in a searchable format that is visible to millions in the WhoIs database. This can increase traffic and make your website visible to millions of people. It's an affordable and effective advertising investment. Start your domain name search or call now to get started..

Why Paragon9? Paragon9 is a full service company specializing in the art and technology of custom web design services.

We feel that a well-designed website should convey to potential clients that you are serious and passionate about your business. View our Project Gallery to see what we’ve done for our clients.

Affordable Prices We strive to provide custom websites at affordable prices.

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