Archives / 2010 / February
  • eBoomer Realty launches New Website

    Section: Completed Projects

    eBoomer Realty is web application designed to help users search for real estate within active adult communities from a central location. Users can search by state, community name, activities, … more

  • Altra Home Decor Launches New Web Design

    Section: Completed Projects

    Altra Home Décor is a home décor company offering products and services. The website portrays an elegant presence on the web and allows users to view a showcase gallery for various areas of the home, … more

  • To tween or not to tween your animation?

    Section: Completed Projects

    In Flash there are two different ways of animating your drawings: frame by frame or tweening. Frame by frame is where you create an object on each frame (see image below) and make a slight adjustment … more

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